For international drivers

For international drivers

All TELS CARGO employees know that the international driver is a key link in organizing the delivery of any cargo. Can this work be interesting and exciting? Absolutely yes! After all, these are limitless opportunities to see the world and earn money!

You, as a professional in the field of international cargo delivery, will strengthen our team of drivers, including becoming a mentor for the younger generation. Wherever you join us, we make sure you feel yourself as part of a professional TELS CARGO team and received a worthy reward for your hard work.

The TELS CARGO internship program will allow you to quickly deadlines to obtain the necessary practical work experience, no matter Have you previously worked on trailers or not? Professional colleagues will pass on the secrets of their craft and will ensure a smooth and effective entry into the profession.

The most modern EURO V / VI tractors


Transparent and understandable payment system, on time and without fraud


Certified service stations, the driver is not involved in repairs


Clear and quiet operation, fast downloads, no downtime