Who are we


TELS CARGO is an international transport company operating in the market of road freight transportation between the countries of the European Union, the EAEU, the Balkan region, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. There are more than 800 employees in offices in Czech, Poland, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

From the very beginning of its activity, the company set itself the goal of becoming a leader in the efficiency of work processes and the quality of services provided through the use of advanced technologies, systematic study of market trends and continuous expansion of its capabilities to current and future market requirements. The successful implementation of this approach to work has ensured the company's position as a trendsetter in the road freight industry in terms of high-quality satisfaction of the needs of cargo owners, comfortable driving conditions and the organization of reliable cargo delivery schemes in any circumstances.

TELS CARGO operates in the market of cargo delivery between the countries of the European Union, Turkey, Central, East and South-East Asia, Middle East, EAEU offering our clients various transit schemes along international transport corridors.

New rolling stock (not older than 5 years) is maintained only in certified service centers, which ensures high technical reliability of vehicles. The vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking systems, and customers have the opportunity to control the movement of goods through a direct connection to the online tracking service.

Qualified full-time driver staff undergoes regular training and certification, is allowed to transport dangerous (ADR), bulky and heavy cargo. The company's management is in a continuous educational process in order to improve their skills in accordance with market requirements. The senior management team has an international business education and more than 20 years of experience in logistics.

The quality of services, environmental responsibility and safety of cooperation are confirmed by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 certificates. A high degree of social responsibility is supported by the implementation of IWAY standards in the company's activities. Liability to customers is insured with a limit of 2 million euros for each insured event.

The main carrying capacity of TELS CARGO is concentrated in the European, Turkey and Chinese directions. About 30% of all shipments are carried out for the automotive industry, which also confirms the company's compliance with the highest quality standards of logistics services.

TELS CARGO aims at long-term cooperation with cargo owners, with a willingness to invest in the purchase of rolling stock according to the needs of the Clients. To ensure uninterrupted supplies to production lines and retail chains, schemes have been developed for accelerated delivery of goods with the organization of continuous movement of vehicles. The just-in-time delivery format allows the client to optimize costs and plan their activities more accurately.

Being committed to the policy of environmental protection, TELS CARGO acquires new vehicles of only high environmental standards. Today, the company's fleet of cars is not lower than the Euro-5 standard.