Quality and Environmental Management

TELS CARGO declares its desire to develop and improve the existing management system meeting the requirements of international standards.

An environmental management system complying with the requirements of ISO 14001-2015 has been integrated into TELS CARGO’s quality management system.

Every year we demonstrate compliance of the quality management and environmental management systems with the international standards during the audits conducted by the auditors - when conducting inspection audits by auditors – partners of the international network IQNet.

The audit confirmed the compliance of TELS’s quality management system with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

TELS CARGO environmental management system

Since its founding, TELS CARGO’s management has stated company’s responsibility not only for the quality of the services provided to our customers, but also for the impact on the environment and society.

The adoption and maintenance of an environmental management system at TELS CARGO proves once more that the company assume additional obligations to society and strive to contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development.

TELS CARGO’s main objectives in the field of environmental management:

  • reducing the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere by further development of company’s fleet of vehicles meeting the modern EURO V standards;
  • creating a risk assessing system and preventing possible emergencies that may arise during cargo transportation, including the transportation of dangerous goods;
  • informing our partners about the existing environmental management system and the requirements that TELS CARGO imposes on contractors;
  • improving environmental awareness among the employees.