Industries and Customers

Protecting your interests by creating convenient and integrated transportation solutions

Industries and Customers

TELS CARGO’s priority is to establish strong mutually beneficial relationships with our Customers, for whom we want to be impeccable in the execution of request for cargo delivery.

To meet all Customer’s expectations, we are ready to improve our business processes, provide customer service training to our managers and drivers, implement new instructions and KPIs at work.

Our company has the required expertise and competencies to provide logistics services for automotive and mechanical engineering industries. The well-established Just-in-time format will ensure deliveries to the production line on time.

We have accumulated considerable experience in the transportation of agricultural machinery by our own vehicles.

TELS CARGO’s portfolio also includes significant freight volumes of:
  • construction materials;
  • chemical products;
  • woodworking products;
  • feed additives;
  • paper and cardboard;
  • plastics and plastic products;
  • alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages;
  • electronics;
  • machines and production lines.

Our customers include world’s largest transnational corporations, retailer, industrial and agricultural enterprises.

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