• What industries you work with
    We work with most sectors of the real economy, trying to help businesses develop and grow. Learn more about industries and clients.
  • Which destinations TELS CARGO works with
    TELS CARGO delivers goods from Europe to China, CIS countries, from China to Europe and Turkey. Including the delivery of goods from China to Russia, CIS countries, the EU countries.
  • What kind of cargo TELS CARGO works with
    TELS CARGO company carries out delivery of groupage and complete cargo (from one ton), oversized cargo, temperature cargo, hazardous cargo (ADR), high-value cargo, we carry out project cargo delivery. We also offer forwarding services.

TELS CARGO company

  • Do you only hire drivers? And to the office?
    For current vacancies TELS CARGO on the website tels-cargo.cz and tels-cargo.pl and on the page of active jobs. Including we are constantly looking for employees in our offices. Read more on the page of active vacancies.
  • How long has the company been on the logistics services market
    TELS CARGO company has been working for more than 17 years in the market of cargo delivery services. During this time we have accumulated extensive experience in delivery of any cargo, accumulated a constant base of clients, opened new directions, expanded the fleet of vehicles to more than 350 units of tractors and trailers. Learn more about our history.
  • How many employees at TELS CARGO
    TELS CARGO is an international cargo carrier, so we are actively developing the main directions of cargo delivery across the Eurasian continent. At the moment the company employs more than 800 highly qualified professionals. Read more about TELS CARGO.


  • Do you sell used equipment
    Within the framework of fleet renewal we sell used vehicles, including coupled ones: tractors MAN, Volvo, LOW, semitrailers Schmitz Cargobull and KRONE, KRONE MEGA. Machinery in good condition with mileage no more than 600 000 km. More about used machinery for sale.
  • How many cars in the TELS CARGO fleet?

    At the moment the TELS CARGO vehicle fleet consists of more than 350 vehicles under Kazakhstan and Czech registration. More information about our tractors.

  • What is the average age of the TELS CARGO fleet
    The average age of TELS CARGO vehicles - no more than 5 years.