<p>Trade between the Russian Federation and Turkey is growing both in terms of imports and exports. This is evidenced by the increasing volumes of freight transportation in the direction of Turkey-Russia-Turkey, Turkey-Belarus-Turkey in the company TELS CARGO.</p>

<p>According to Turkish Ministry of Commerce, exports to Russia totaled $2.04 billion between May and July, an increase of $642 million over the same period last year. Last month, Turkey's exports to Russia in value terms increased by 75% year on year - from $417 million in July 2021 to $730 million in July this year.</p>

<p>According to the Russian Federal Customs Service in January this year, Russian exports to Turkey amounted to $4.261 billion, imports - $618 million. Compared with January 2021, trade turnover between the two countries as a whole grew by 235% in value terms, imports from Turkey - by 164%.</p>

<p>According to Turkish Assembly of Foreign Trade, on the first place in terms of value of goods that Turkey exports to Russia, are the products of chemical industry ($166.5 million), followed by fruits and vegetables ($90 million), textile industry products ($78.5 million).</p>

<p>On the whole, Turkish exports in July rose by 13% compared to the previous year.</p>

<p>TELS CARGO actively develops Turkish direction in cargo transportation. We deliver:</p>
consolidated shipments;</li>
<li>dangerous goods;</li>
<li>bulky cargo;</li>
<li>turnkey project shipments.</li></ul>
<p>Now we have more than 30 vehicles working in this direction, including Mega trailers with increased cargo space.</p>

<p>For the delivery of our commodities from Turkey we use border crossings between Turkey and Georgia, and in case you need direct way to Russia or need fast way to deliver your cargo, we use ferry way to "Kavkaz" port.</p>

<p>Our contacts:</p>

<p>Olga Idrisova, Head of Sales TELS CARGO<br>

in Russia +7 4812 268 328;<br>
In Belarus + 375 17 311 08 41.<br></p>