Electronic queue for trucks was launched at Verkhny Lars checkpoint (Russian-Georgian border)

An electronic queue system for trucks leaving Russia has been launched at the Verkhny Lars border crossing point. For the time being, it is only possible to register in person, but there are plans to introduce online registration in the future.

The posts where you can register in line are at the following locations:

  • near the village of Iran in Kabardino-Balkaria;
  • near the village of Alkhanchurt in Ingushetia;
  • at kilometer 14 of the Military Georgian Road near the village of Chmi in North Ossetia.

To register in the electronic queue system, the truck driver must drive up to one of these three posts and present the vehicle registration certificate (STS) and the bill of lading (bill of lading). After that the truck will be given a serial number with the time of registration.

You can track how the electronic queue is progressing online at codd15.ru. As soon as a truck enters the area marked in green in the queue list on the website, it can head directly to the Verkhny Lars checkpoint.

The electronic queuing system should streamline and simplify crossing the Russian-Georgian border for truck drivers.

The Verkhny Lars checkpoint is currently the only functioning checkpoint on the Russian-Georgian border. It is located in a gorge, which makes it difficult to expand. The only road linking the two countries now is the Georgian Military Road, which is frequently closed due to weather conditions, especially in winter.

At the moment TELS CARGO uses an alternative route for cargo delivery from Turkey and Iran to Russia, including the reverse direction - through Azerbaijan (IAPP "Yarag-Kazmalyar" and "Tagirkent - Kazmalyar"). This is a forced measure in order to optimize delivery time for our clients. In rare cases, when the specifics of the cargo and its origin do not allow crossing the territory of Azerbaijan, we use Verkhny Lars IACP or deliver cargoes from Turkey directly to the Russian Federation, using ferries Samsun (Turkey) - Kavkaz (Russia) and Karasu (Turkey) - Kavkaz (Russia).