BusinesStat predicts 5.7% annual growth in trucking rates

<p>According to BusinesStat's Russian Trucking Market Analysis, the average revenue rate for commercial trucking in Russia in 2018 increased by 2.5% over the previous year to 5.8 rubles per ton-km. </p>
<p>The main reason for the growth of the indicator in question is the increase in prices for fuel, spare parts and components, which are usually purchased in foreign currency.
In 2019-2023 the revenue rate of commercial road freight transportation will show an average growth of 5.7% per year and will reach 7.7 rubles per ton-km in 2023. The growth of the revenue rate in the period under review will be caused by a further increase in prices for motor fuel and spare parts, and the renewal and expansion of carriers' fleets.</p>
<p>In the segment of international freight transportation the growth of freight rates in the current year is expected at 10% (forecast of the Association of Transport, Logistics, Manufacturing and Trading Companies). In addition to the already listed reasons for the increase in the cost of road carriers' services, the increase in rates on international routes will be facilitated by the growth of labor remuneration of international drivers, the shortage of which is already very much felt almost all over the world.</p>
<p>Andrey Abragimovich, General Director of TELS CARGO: "The wages of heavy-duty truck drivers have increased noticeably and continue to grow due to the shortage of personnel throughout Europe. The German trade union DSLV estimates that the European market loses about 30,000 drivers every year, while the number of young people who become qualified as drivers does not exceed 2,000 a year. The emerging gap in the labor market is partially filled by the inflow of specialists from Eastern Europe, but this resource is also steadily drying up. At the same time, migration increases the shortage of personnel in Eastern European countries. In 2018, driver pay increased by dozens of percent, and this trend is likely to continue in 2019."</p>
<p>Sources:, Kommersant newspaper, RBC</p>