Dear customers and partners!

Please note that fraudsters on behalf of legal entities of international transport company TELS CARGO began to send mass messages to Chinese customers with the proposal to organize cargo delivery from / to China to Russia.

Through accounts in social networks and mailings from email addresses that do not belong to TELS CARGO, the client is sent templates of contracts and prepayment invoices on forged TELS CARGO letterheads and with the payment details of the fraudsters. After receiving the prepayment, allegedly, you can get access to tracking vehicles TELS CARGO on a specialized site.

TELS CARGO strongly recommends its customers to conduct a thorough screening of potential suppliers, verify them with the contact and payment information listed on the official websites and TELS CARGO accounts in social networks.

Our official websites:


Our official social media accounts:

Also recall that fraudsters are likely to make calls, introducing themselves as employees of TELS CARGO with an offer to arrange the delivery. In this case, it is recommended to contact TELS CARGO yourself, using the communication channels specified on our official websites and accounts in social networks and get a confirmation of receipt of the offer from TELS CARGO.

Please take another careful look at our security guidelines for cooperation:

  • carefully examine the contact information listed in the proposal for the organization of cargo delivery, and make sure that the same contact information is listed on the official website of the company or in the social networking accounts TELS CARGO;

  • if you doubt the reliability of the information, we strongly recommend you to obtain confirmation of the offer by phone, through the feedback forms on the official websites, or by sending a personal message in any of the social networks TELS CARGO.

Stay alert and stay safe!

We would appreciate it if, if you receive any such information, you would let us know by using the contacts listed on the official TELS CARGO website or by contacting the person in charge:

Pavel Kirichenko

Т:  + 7 4812 268 328  / add. 1829

M: + 375 29 306 19 44