History of success

Pavel Kirichenko

Pavel Kirichenko

China Project Manager

When Pavel was doing a job training at TELS CARGO in 2013, he attracted attention as a specialist with unconventional thinking and a different approach enabling him to offer unexpected alternatives. His commitment, energy and understanding of the objectives to be achieved were apparent back then.

Pavel worked his way from a specialist to the manager of a large department now – the Customer department (China, Asia, the CIS). Pavel earned such trust by working with a difficult key customer from Renault, repeatedly high performance of his department, proactivity, making extra efforts to achieve positive results, building a team of experts in his department. His motivation, reasonable decisions and judgements are highly valued.

Pavel Kirichenko completed a Personnel Reserve program in 2016–2018 with honours. At the end of 2019, he received a well-deserved award "For emergency mobilization".

According to his colleagues, Pavel is very good at organizing and motivating the team. And his words of encouragement conveying confidence for us all are – “The transportation of goods from China to Europe is facing challenging times. A surge in cargo volumes is expected from China to the Russian Federation. This is, first of all, explained by the desire of Russian businesses to substitute European goods by Chinese products, and the temporary strengthening of the ruble. In our case, we have reliable solutions implying transportations on the territory of China by our own fleet, which will help us be more efficient than the new players in this direction and offer customers relatively stable delivery terms and conditions”.