History of success

Olga Shuleyko

Olga Shuleyko

Head of Export Transportation Sector

How to stay engaged at work without slowing down in achieving consistently high performance? Olga Shuleiko, head of Export department, knows it for sure and can share the answer with her colleagues.

Olga joined the company in 2016 as a freight forwarding assistant, but her results and customer orientation as well as her motivation and commitment allowed her to become the head of the department. Olga is known to be a responsive person willing to help whose merits are also a positive outlook, the ability to manage multiple responsibilities and efficiency.

Olga has been repeatedly given the following awards by the company:
  • Best newcomer of 2016
  • Successful start in 2017
  • Best employee of the Marketing department in 2020
Olga’s motivation for TELS CARGO team:

“At the beginning of 2022, none of us could expect the conditions that would make our work so difficult. It’s beyond doubt, carriers as well as other businesses are facing really hard times. Difficult but not impossible. I am confident that the entire team of TELS CARGO will do everything possible to overcome this period with dignity.”