History of success

Nadezhda Leshchinskaya

Nadezhda Leshchinskaya

Head of legal service

Nadezhda Leshchinskaya joined the company in 2010 and since then she has grown from a legal adviser to the head of the Legal department.

Maximum participation in various processes enables Nadezhda to avoid numerous risks in TELS CARGO’s activities. She is a recognized expert not only in the Legal department, but also in other divisions of the company. She has been repeatedly awarded the Best Head of Department, according to her colleagues, who unconditionally recognize her leadership qualities and great influence as well as responsibility and integrity.

So, her motivational words in these hard times are – “The pace of life is getting increasingly faster and often more challenging. There is no single chance that current processes will slow down to wait for those behind, just as there is no chance that everything works itself out. But we can show our best human and business qualities to adjust business processes and build the world around us the way we see it. I wish everyone courage and flexibility, discover new broad horizons! Good luck to us all, dear colleagues!”

“None of us at the beginning of 2022 expected that conditions would be created, which will make our work so difficult. Of course, these are extremely difficult times. not only for carriers, but also for other businesses. Difficult - but not impossible. I am sure that the whole TELS CARGO team will do everything that depends on it, to overcome this period with dignity."